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Ford Fiesta review

Starting off my reviews with one of the most well-known cars the world over: the Ford Fiesta. The latest incarnation is the 1.0l zetec, on sale from a considerable £13,995.

Now I've always thought to myself it's an awesome small car. Now, fitted with a turbo-charged three-cylinder petrol engine, the Fiesta is even stronger!

I bet you're wondering how it drives. Well, working in a garage I do get to test-drive a few cars (unfortunately not this one though - yet).

The 2014 version will thrash the open roads and urban roads with ease, and comes fitted with lots of space and technological advancements. Whilst it doesn't have the class of the VW Polo inside, it beats a Renault Clio easily.

So, should I buy one? This is a phenomenally super mini, but I'd say other Fiestas are greater.

Only consider one if you're thinking of selling a car out of necessity - rather than luxury of choice.

If you fancy seeing what other Ford Fiestas are available to buy used, consider AutoTrader or Gumtree.
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